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Pro Se
For one’s own behalf; in person. Appearing for oneself, as in the case of one who does not retain a lawyer and appears for himself or herself in court

Thank you for visiting Pro Se Foreclosure.

My name is Steve Skidmore and I am the sole author of all of the articles found on Pro Se Foreclosure. Please note that I am not an attorney and that nothing on Pro Se Foreclosure is at any time to be construed as an offer of legal advice. If legal advice is what you seek please seek it through competent legal counsel. I am not a Licensed Private Investigator and I cannot and will not investigate your mortgage situation. I have however worked for Mortgage Compliance Investigators, the nation’s leading Licensed Private Investigation Company that specializes in mortgage fraud, foreclosures, and issues regarding securitization of mortgage backed securities. Please click on the hyperlink above for more details.

All of the information found on Pro Se Foreclosure is based on my years of experience as a professional in the foreclosure defense industry, and my own knowledge and understanding of the law.

The primary purpose of Pro Se Foreclosure is to provide general information to the public and to provide assistance and services to homeowners facing foreclosure.

Please feel free to browse Pro Se Foreclosure and take from it what you will. Nothing here is copyrighted therefore you are free to use the information found on Pro Se Foreclosure at your will.

Please tell others about Pro Se Foreclosure as all of the information found here is vital beginning to understand any given residential foreclosure situation.

Thank you,

Steve Skidmore

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