Where is My Mortgage?

If you are trying to locate your mortgage in the secondary securities markets there are several sources from which you can choose. You will need your mortgage documents ready to take information from before visiting any of these sources.

If your mortgage or deed of trust has a MIN number (MIN followed by eighteen digits) or mentions Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) then you can usually find the “mortgage servicer” on the MERS website here MERS® ServicerID 

If you have reason to believe that your mortgage has been securitized you may be able to find your mortgage at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) website. These are the Instructions to using the SEC website’s Securities Information from the US SEC EDGAR database page to locate your mortgage if it is registered with the SEC.

If your mortgage is with a Government Sponsored Entity (GSE) such as;
Freddie Mac
Fanny Mae
Ginnie Mae
you can click on which ever GSE you think your mortgage may be held to find your mortgage and follow the instructions on the respective page.

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