Statutes at Large
Mortgage Loan Brokers
Mortgage Loan Originators
Mortgage Banking
Commercial Code
Negotiable Instruments
Investment Securities
Fraudulent Transfers
Property Code
Courts and Judicial Procedures
Rules of Civil Procedure
Rules of Evidence
Government Code
Recording Requirements Real Property
Prior to the 1951 judicial reorganization, Supreme Court appellate jurisdiction was rarely invoked; on average there were about seven appeals per year. Thus decisions of the Superior Court, particularly in civil cases, often established Delaware law. In the absence of an appeal that law became final and accepted as binding authority. Many such rulings were published in the official Delaware Reports and in the Atlantic Reporter. Given the public interest in having the law “settled” (as well as right), some Superior Court opinions published a half-century ago and more are still valid Delaware law.
Therefore Delaware does not have a Court of Appeals Source

Criminal Statutes
Crimes and Criminal Procedure

Rules of Professional Conduct: (Discipline/Counsel)
Bar Website
Rules of Professional Conduct
Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Bar Grievance Form

Judicial Misconduct: (Discipline/Judges)
General Information
Judicial Misconduct Complaint Form
Contact the Office of Disciplinary Counsel: Complaints Concerning Judges

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