New Mexico

General Statutes
Notaries and Public Records
Limitations or Actions; Abatement and Revivor
Judgment, Cost, Appeals
Actions and Proceedings Related to Property
Commitment Procedures
Miscellaneous Civil Law Matters
Liens and Mortgages
Commercial Instruments and Transactions
Trade Practices and Regulations
Financial Institutions and Regulations
Uniform Commercial Code
Property Code
Rules of Evidence
Rules of Appellate Procedure

Criminal Statutes
Criminal Procedure

Multijurisdictional Rules

Rules of Professional Conduct: (Discipline/Counsel)
Bar Website
Rules of Professional Conduct
Bar Grievance Form not available online

You may file a disciplinary complaint by submitting a letter signed by you, preferably under oath and notarized, setting forth the facts on which the complaint is based. No special format or language is necessary. A complaint form is available at the office of the Disciplinary Board and will be mailed to you upon written or telephone request. The Disciplinary Board’s telephone number is (505) 842-5781, in Albuquerque. You should attach to your complaint copies of any documents or other materials which will aid in understanding the complaint. Written complaints should be sent to:

The Disciplinary Board
Post Office Box 1809
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87103-1809

Judicial Misconduct: (Discipline/Judges)
Judicial Misconduct Complaint Process
Code of Judicial Conduct
Judicial Misconduct Complaint Form


2 Responses to New Mexico

  1. Rob Sartori says:

    Howdy Steve,

    The “lender” was not the “mortgagee” at the time of recording. I know this is wrong, but can’t find the requirement. Help?

    I’m in the 10th Cir with Bank of Amerika on an FCRA/FDCPA/TCPA complaint where their only defense is that I “defaulted” on a “note” that they had before the “mortgage” was “assigned” to them six mos after the “default”.

    Going for QT as it will kill their only defense and be lots of fun.

    Sorry you have to put up with Ydnar Notlek.

    Thanks in advance…
    Rob in NM

    P.S. I’d be grateful for any dirt on BAC. They asked me to sing a protective order for discovery and I said I could not, as I intended to provide all relevant info to the media and LEA. they offered me a 20k settlement and I told them to go to hell. This is war. And fun!!!

    • Thank you Rob Sartori for your understanding in re Ydnar Notlek. I understood that’s actually Lladnar Notlek but Ydnar would be correct for short, yes. Scandinavian I believe, maybe Nordic I can’t remember which he said lol.

      Breach of contract is in alignment with FCRA/FDCPA/TCPA and would make the issue of lender vs mortgagee moot. Who cares who was who or when if the guy in front of you now has a breached contract he’s waving in front of you as his proof of claim. You may be interested int two of the articles I have posted here on Pro Se Foreclosure titled “Default: Who’s In First Place?” and “Breach of Contract/Covenant 16 and Footnote on 3 yr-old TILA RESPA Claims”.

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